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UKNAPS is an organization for the students, by the students. We promise to provide an official voice through which students' opinions may be freely expressed in the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. This is YOUR space so feel free to air you views, interact with the committee and enjoy the great content to follow!!!

Our Mission:
In fulfilling its mission, UKNAPS is committed to:

  • Uniting pharmacy students by providing a leadership base
  • Addressing the student’s issues and improving their status and recognition within the health care structure
  • Professional competence and the development of confidence through continuing education
  • Provision of health care and community services



Forthcoming Attractions
Here you will find more info on the exciting events that uknaps is currently working on (scroll on the image for more information)


Let’s go to the movies!!! Dr Frasia Oostheizun has suggested that all our members watch an interesting video concerning pharmacy as a career. ExCo has decided to run a coke and popcorn movie afternoon where each level will have the chance to view the movie on an assigned day, with coke and popcorn on sale for all movie-viewers. This should take place in the next two weeks.

"iHeart" SAPSF Campaign 2011- SAPSF came up with a brilliant idea in which all pharmacy students can give back to our community at large. This initiative is still under construction in terms of the collection but all members will be updated soon. We pledge to everyone to give their full participation in helping us give back to our community. As an extension of the iHeart Campaign; the UKNAPS Media and Communications Officer, Shaveer Inderjith, is currently seeking sponsorships of sweets, etc to put together lucky packets for children at a nearby Orphanage. Should you wish to contribute towards this course please contact Shaveer. You can acquire his contact details from the “contact us” tab.

Pharmacy Week- As the pharmacy week on the month of September approaches, we as the UKNAPS committee have planned to work together with our school to give all a chance to participate on the pharmacy week. With the plans still going ahead and members will be updated on the progress of this event. Watch this space!!!

Creative Work Competition-with UKNAPS being a sub-committee of the South African Pharmaceutical Student Federation (SAPSF), we are bound to perform tasks on their behalf to aid in representing the Pharmacy students in our province as well as across the country.


Latest News
Latest Events

Contact Details:

Audrey Kweyama

(031) 260 7062
Fax: (031) 260 7792

Physical Address:

Office: E2-603
Floor: 6th
Block: E
Campus: Westville

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